Meet Hidalgo County's District Attorney

Ricardo P. Rodriguez, Jr. is an active and engaged young Edinburg native with an impressive and extensive track record of public service to his community. Rodriguez was elected to the office of Hidalgo County District Attorney in 2014, and has served as the County's top prosecutor for three years. Rodriguez recently announced his intent to run for re-election as "The People's District Attorney" in the March 2018 primary election.

Rodriguez, a former migrant worker, was born to a 16-year-old mother and 17-year-old father, and lived much of his childhood traveling across the state and country to work in the fields.  He knew from an early age, the meaning of hard work.  Yet, supported by his parents, Rodriguez was determined to excel.  He attended and graduated from Edinburg High School in 1990, where he excelled as a scholar and an athlete. He received an Academic and Athletic Scholarship to the University of Texas at San Antonio where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Accounting from the University of Texas-San Antonio in 1995.

Rodriguez continued on to pursue a legal education, and received his Juris Doctorate degree from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1999. He established his own private practice and was admitted to practice in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas.

In 2002, Rodriguez began his career as an elected public servant, serving two terms as Council Member for the City of Edinburg from 2002-2005. In 2006, Rodriguez won a special election to preside over the 92nd District Court for a two-year term, and subsequently was re-elected to the office in 2008 for an additional four-year term. In 2012, Rodriguez ran unopposed and was re-elected for yet another four-year term, where he served until stepping down in 2013 and was elected into office as District Attorney in 2014.


Rodriguez has a long history of service to his community. He has served as a member on the All-American 10K Run for the City of Edinburg, and was also a member of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council. Rodriguez strongly believes in providing opportunities for educational advancement, and, as such, was co-creator of the Nicholas and Lucia Palacios Scholarship for Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

Ricardo P. Rodriguez is the son of Ricardo Rodriguez and Olga Palacios Rodriguez of Edinburg. He is a devoted husband to Deyanira Medina Rodriguez, and they are proud parents to three wonderful children: Ricardo III, Nadia and Sofia, products of Edinburg Consolidated School District. The Rodriguez family resides in Edinburg, Texas, and attends Holy Family Catholic Church.


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These are the reasons we need a new DA who will prosecute everyone who breaks the law. DA Rene Guerra will not prosecute the Sheriff when there is a blatant law violation that we all know about or have seen ourselves on TV. That is the misuse of county personnel, county property, and county equipment for personal use and benefit Sheriff Lupe Trevino’s campaign. We all saw this on channel 5 but if you want to see it again go to this link: There you will see voilation of penal code 39.02 But, do we expect someone with selective prosecutions to prosecute one who breaks the law, not Rene Guerra. I see several problems Sheriff Lupe Trevino where he alleges to have refunded the checks to Gonzales. But, how do you show the checks were actual filled out and mailed off or received? Although he violated the law in the first place, accepting the cash donations when he should have never accepted the money from Gonzales’s delivery boy, Joe Padilla. Lupe’s interpretation of the law as he wants to see it, seems he was ignorant in showing proof the checks were made or delivered. If Lupe was so worried to reject the donation due to drug/bad money seems like any honest trustworthy person who is held to higher standards would make some effort to prove the checks were made through a bank cashier check and would be able to show some proof of delivery was actually made with delivery confirmation or tracking number. PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS. Another being the dates 2011 he accepted the illegal cash donations and now being 2014, why didn’t Lupe make another effort even using Joe Padilla as to what happened to the checks or even have Padilla to return the cash money. Any honest trustworthy person would have made this effort way earlier than two and half years passing. PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS What if this never came to light of the public, would Lupe be using the monies in his next campaign. PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS Illegal cash donations being deposited most likely in a interest bearing account, What interest are you getting on that deposit and how are you planning to return it? This is why Rene Guerra and Lupe’s thinking of depositing the money into account due to interest accruing from drug money and the contributor never getting the money back leads to legalities. This is why accepting illegal cash donations, Texas Ethics Commission has made it a rule punishable criminally if violated. Lupe just another smoke screen after smoke screen with your hands deep in your pockets with Rene Guerra hands holding up your pants with all that money wanting to know what kind of cut he will get! Rene reminding Lupe that they are family my marriage! I won’t prosecute were family nothing to worry about. Well when our new DA Rodriguez is sworn in he will finally put and end to corruption by prosecuting them to the full extent of the law.
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Thank you, Matt! Feel free to sign up to volunteer, for campaign material, to donate what you can, and stay informed on upcoming events here on my website. Appreciate your support!
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Good luck!! You have my vote and my support! Anything that I can do to help, let me know.
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