Happy New Year!

New Year, New Leadership, New Direction.


The beginning of the new year brings hope for the chance to bring about the changes we all desire in our lives. For me, this new year means new leadership and a new direction in the District Attorney’s office. To stay in the same place for too long means stagnation – of ideas, of motivation, and of progress. This new year is an opportunity for a new beginning, and let us be reminded that it is time for change. Change is near, change is coming, and this change is inevitable.

My vision for a new direction in the District Attorney’s office is to implement new and effective solutions and move forward with progressive leadership. I will identify, evaluate and implement successful models and best practices that have worked in other parts of the state and the nation. I will analyze processes, streamline procedures and improve efficiencies. And most importantly, I will increase transparency and access to the office, and I will restore the community’s trust and perception of the office.

As the new year approaches, I am filled with excitement that this new beginning brings. I promise that I will work my hardest to become “The People’s DA,” and look forward to your continued support. May each of you be blessed with peace, love and prosperity in 2014, and together, may we move forward and make this change a reality.

Happy New Year!


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