The wheels of change are turning...

Time flies, doesn't it? 

It seems like only yesterday I announced my resignation as Judge of the 92nd District Court to seek the office of District Attorney.  Nearly three months have passed since then, October has come and gone, and what a month it has been! 

923010_679890675362143_1583522035_n.jpgOur team has been hitting the campaign trail hard, and the support is coming on strong.  From the extremely successful campaign kickoff, to opening our campaign headquarters in Edinburg, from our large fleet of supporters' windshield-wrapped vehicles hitting the streets, to our campaign team coming out in droves with our t-shirts at events, with our large signs and billboards already out in the community, and much more campaign material on the way, our presence is being felt, our voices are being heard, and our message of change is being spread throughout Hidalgo County.  

1294305_182244911965893_755448430_o.jpgWith the help of supporters like you, we will only get stronger, work harder, and get better! 

This past month, our campaign team supported breast cancer awareness by participating in numerous events with our pink t-shirts, we supported local organizations, schools, and churches in their fundraising efforts, and we have been out in the community, meeting with leaders, residents, and families and listening to their questions, comments and concerns.  The tremendous support we are receiving is beyond anything we had expected.  People ask me if it is tiresome to be out there campaigning every day, every evening, every weekend.  No way.  My team and I energized and fueled by the support that each and every one of you gives through your "likes" on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, by your encouraging thoughts and comments that I hear on a daily basis, and by the hope and faith you have placed on my candidacy.  

858890_185077321682652_711842719_o.jpgThis is your campaign.  And we will be victorious because of your support.

People also want to know how they can be a part of the movement for change, and how they can help our campaign.  The best thing that you can do is to help us spread our message.  Encourage your family and friends to sign up on our website, and have them recruit their friends and contacts.  Follow our social media and stay connected with us.  You can also donate to the campaign -- as little as $5 will go a long way to help us offset the cost of our campaign. We have seen the effect that grassroots efforts can have on a campaign, and your help and support can truly make a difference.

As I mentioned above, our campaign headquarters is now open in Edinburg, and you can stop by and pick up bumper stickers, push cards, and yard signs there.  There has been so much demand for our campaign material that we ran out of our initial order of bumper stickers and push cards and had to order more (and this time, double!).  Visit us today!

Ricardo Rodriguez for District Attorney Campaign Headquarters
320 W. University Drive
Edinburg, Texas
(click for map)

Finally, our team is preparing for a golf tournament fundraiser in December.  If you or someone you know is interested in participating or sponsoring, please sign up here or call 956-318-0555.

The wheels of change are turning, and we are driving full speed ahead toward March 2014!

As always, thank you for your support!
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