Stepping Up


Hundreds of family members, friends, and supporters joined me as I announced my intention to run for DA. Read more.

Thursday, August 29, 2013, was a bittersweet moment for me and my family.  Amid hundreds of supporters, colleagues and friends, my parents, my wife Deyanira, my children and I stood before a standing-room only audience, and announced that I would be stepping down as Judge of the 92nd State District Court after nearly seven years on the bench.  The reason for the announcement was to accept the challenge and welcome the opportunity to campaign for the support of Hidalgo County residents to be the next District Attorney.

My promise to the people remains similar to what my goals were when I announced my candidacy for Judge.  I promised that the scales of justice would never be unjustly swayed.  I promised that I would protect the most meek and most mild against the most powerful of litigants. I promised that I would treat every human being before the bench with humility, integrity, fairness and respect. I promised to serve in this capacity with utmost honor, dignity and respect.  And I have kept those promises.

Now, my promises remain the same as I seek the office of Hidalgo County District Attorney.  It is time for new leadership in the District Attorney’s office.  I see the work that needs to


 be done, I see many opportunities for improvement, and I see the potential for what can be done, with a new vision, proven solutions, and fresh leadership.

"I am not stepping down, I am stepping up to the challenge for you."

I know that there may be challenging times ahead, but I cannot shrink from this responsibility. I want to provide that change, I want to provide that new leadership, and I welcome the challenge. In the days since my announcement, I have seen and heard from hundreds of you, coming out of the darkness of threats of fear and intimidation.  I feel the hope that you are placing in me, and it motivates me to continue working towards this goal.

I have been overwhelmed at the support I continue to receive, and my campaign has started on a strong note.  I am energized by your faith in me, and I will fight with all my mind, body, heart and soul to do what is right.  With your help, I will be the next Hidalgo County District Attorney.

Residents of Hidalgo County, I humbly ask for your support.  Stand with me!  Together, we will be victorious.

Thank you for your continued support.  See you on the campaign trail!



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